About André Vidal

André Vidal’s collections are simple, in both theme and appearance. The lines are clean and pleasing to the eye and drape off the body merely suggesting points of the wearer that she wishes to reveal. There’s a sense of strength, of pride in each and every piece and as each ensemble is established so too is an eminence of self-assurance. The wearer understands and promotes the importance of self-respect and feels the best way to express this to others and to her self is through her meticulously selected wardrobe. Each piece says something about her, she doesn’t wear her pieces to preach, she wears them for her own joy, and as a result, just her being alone inspires others to consider the extent of their own self-preservation.

She’s the 25-year-old interior design student that needs to execute herself first as a businesswoman, before revealing her creative side. She’s the 35-year-old wife and mother who strive to teach her family the importance of self-worth; leading by example, she represents this through all aspects of her life, especially her appearance. The Vidal woman is also the 40-year-old CEO that has put her career before most things in life and is satisfied with her decision. She always needs to look the part and understands the way to establish respect from her peers is to present herself in a wardrobe that reflects her commitment to cementing a successful career and reputation.

The Vidal women live vastly different lifestyles, but share underlying similarities. Their wardrobes have been selected to best express their desire to succeed in life, in whatever they have chosen to be their main commitment. They are busy and powerful women; their time is limited, so keeping up with the latest fashion trends is not always an option. They prefer to make investments in the pieces they admire rather than buying into trends that will dissipate quicker than the seasons themselves. They are classic, but have a relevance in loosely following the modern direction of fashion. This can be seen in their carefully selected accessories that best emphasize each ensemble without shifting the focal point away from the garments.

They are all aware of what other women their age are wearing; this is of no concern to them. They purchase based on personal admiration for the piece, and not on the latest trend based magazine, this is something they find great pleasure in, and see it as a triumph over stereotypes. The 25-year-old design student wants to look established within her career path and as a person, looks to the style icons of the 1950’s and 60’s and dissects her definition of elegance, infusing it into her whole lifestyle. The 40-year-old Vidal woman has taken care of herself, and has worked hard to preserve the looks she was blessed with. So with this in mind, she looks to best display her years of clean living in a way that is respectful, as she knows she’s not ready for what society seems to think she should look like. Their lifestyles differ from other people their age in both mind frame and appearance; this is what drives them to sustain their efforts to be true to themselves and kindly welcome others who share their philosophies. 

The Vidal woman has chosen a path that disregards all previous notions of a 25-40 year old woman. But she is happy. Because after all, it is a choice she has knowingly made and still strongly stands by.